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Humble in the Jungle

August 02, 2016

My summer months are primarily spent going after striped bass in Maine. I’m unemployed  which means I fish every day. And when you fish every day you will inevitably have sessions when you don’t catch anything. I’m transparent with this fact even when the fat tourist barks out the hackneyed expression: “Catch anything?”

Not catching anything teaches me just as much as catching. I take the time with both the latter and the former to register the “why” and put it in my fish brain. The rules are there are no rules when it comes to fly fishing. Yes, there is etiquette and being responsible with the fish but how you catch them on a fly rod is up to you. IMG_3209

I’m fortunate to run into some humble and confident anglers from time to time. I watch them and share information. Not all of them fly fish either. Am I against trebble hooks? You betcha; they should be outlawed.  Do I recoil at the sight of styrofoam worm containers and trash? Of course. But I judge bait and spin casters one man at a time.

There are some guys out there who are responsible and have taught me a lot that I directly apply to fly fishing.

My point is simple; it’s the humble man who learns the most because his mind is like a parachute; open.  I caught the fish in this picture yon my Beulah 8wt Opel and nautilus No. ten. With 17lb fluorocarbon tippet. I put a swivel on my line so my fly doesn’t twist. This is my biggest this summer; 37″ and weighed about 25 lbs. Yes, he went into my backing. Yes, I’ve lost many fish this summer. Yes, I often go out and don’t catch a thing.  Yes, I’m obsessed with fly fishing.  #catchandrelease

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