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Introducing the Re-Engineered Beulah Elixir and Tonic Fly Lines and the all New Serum Line.

At Beulah, we believe today’s shorter Switch and Spey rods need condensed spey lines to maximize performance, line control and ease of casting. We have found that each caster likes different weight lines that match their individual casting needs. Now, both Elixir and Tonic Lines are offered in 25 grain increments. This allows each caster to match a line to their rod that maximizes their fishing performance and experience. Please click on either the Elixir box or Tonic box above to see their performance profiles.

Beulahs  All New Serum is a Specialty Surf Taper Fly Line.  It is the answer to the Salt Water Fly Fisherman’s prayers.  With the Serum you get Faster Pickup, Quicker Rod Load, an Interchangeable Tip, 130′ Total Length, and a Taper that turns over big bulky flies like they are #2 crabs.  The Serum Line matched with one of our Surf Rods completes the recipe for long accurate delivery of your fly to the fish that like to stay, “just far enough away”.

Having trouble figuring out which line to buy for your switch or spey rod? Please refer to our Spey Line Breakdown page for a more detailed description of spey lines. If you have any questions please contact us at or call us at (541) 245-0898.