Beulah Elixir


Elixir V2

The Beulah Elixir V2 is our compact Scandinavian style shooting head.  Designed for Spey casting surface, and light sinking poly tips on switch and spey rods.

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When fishing tight quarters or open gravel bars Elixir’s are a joy to cast from your first six foot line dump at the top of a run to 80′+ lasers when distance is necessary! Beulah Elixir will handle your dry line, light, and moderate sink tip needs for all spring, summer and early fall spey excursions.

The power of the Elixir line is generated by the concentration of weight in the rear third of the taper (closest to running line). The front two thirds rapidly taper down to a fine front taper, dissipating the initial surge of energy into a tight loop with excellent control.  The Elixir is designed with a large enough tip diameter to turn over poly leaders and modest size flies with ease. The Elixir Switch will handle poly leader tips 10′-11′ ( up to 90 grains max). For Spey Elixir use poly leader tips 12-14’, (up to 120 grains).With Scandinavian heads like the Beulah Elixir, a leader formula of 1.5 x rod length, including poly leader and tippet, will make a well balanced system. 

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*available in head only
*Condensed rear taper
*Larger tip diameter improves casting and better control of larger flies
*Improved longer front taper for tighter loops at longer distances
*Two-color line with color change at load point (full line only)
*Improved durability on all factory welded loops
*Laser I.D. on all lines for quick line identification

Retail Price:

$55.00 Head Only

Elixir Switch Heads

weight (gr) length (ft) line weight
250 25 4-5
275 25 4-6
300 27 5-6
325 27 5-6
350 28 6-7
375 28 7-8
400 29 7-8
425 30 8-9
450 30 8-9
475 31 9-10
500 31 9-10

Elixir Spey Heads

weight (gr) length (ft) line weight
375 31 6-7
400 31 6-7
425 33 6-7
450 33 7-8
475 33 7-8
500 36 7-8
525 36 8-9
550 36 8-9
Beulah Fly Fishing Rods - Made in the USA