Beulah Shipping Info

Shipping Info

Here at Beulah Fly Rods we only sell our products through our Authorized Dealers. So, if for some reason you need to get your rod fixed and returned we got your back.

We will make our best effort to receive, repair or replace, and ship your rod as fast as possible.  We can make sure you are back on the water doing what you, and we, love to do.  There’s nothing worse than waiting.

We have been known to make wild things happen.

You need your rod shipped to the Keys, Alaska, South America, (Insert your location)We Got Ya!

Your Ex-Bestfriend snapped your rod while dancing around on the drift boat and you still have 3 months left of your guiding season.  We Got Ya!

Your client attempted the fabled “change of direction indicator double nymph rig to tree branch cast”.  We Got Ya!

Just make sure the rod makes it to us and you have filled out the Warranty Repair Form then just let us know what you want to do.  We Got Ya!

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