Beulah Equipment Care

Equipment Care

The longevity of your fly rod depends on good care on and off the water. Here are a few good tips to keep your rod on the water and out of the warranty/repair department. A Merchant Marine Captain friend of mine say rule #1 at sea, “avoid collision”, true on water and on land.  Fly rods are not constructed to take side impact which can lead to fractures in graphite and breakage. While fishing be conscious of ferrule slip and check rod connections from time to time. Landing a fish can be the most stressful time for fish, man and equipment; Enjoy the moment but don’t over stress. Fly rods are designed to cast fly lines and fight fish, they are not designed to free flies from trees or pull hooks out of rocks. Don’t use your $500 fly rod to retrieve a $3 fly from a tree or rock, not worth it.When going through brush sometimes breaking down the rod will save you a lot of frustration. Always dry and clean your rod when stowing away after a trip. When returning rod sock and rod to tube cushion tube opening with your hand to avoid direct contact with guides and hard edge of tube. When at Beulah Fly Rods, we pride our selves in the products we make.  And with Pride comes Respect.  Respect your rods as you respect your dog.  Take them out for daily walks along the river/ocean/lake/mountain stream.  Let them get dirty but occasionally give them a bath.  Don’t just leave them outside in the backyard all the time.  Bring them inside and let them up on the couch.  Try not to put them in the microwave.  But like a good dog sometimes they need a little bit more than the normal routine.  Wash with dish soap and soft cloth.  Spray them down before they track sand and salt in to your house.

Otherwise go out and play nothing really to worry about.

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