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Beulah 10’6″ 5/6wt. 4 Piece

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The 5/6 Switch is an extension of our Switch 4/5, dedicated trout 10″-25″ range, and a great choice for trophy Alaskan trout fishing. This is an excellent rod for nymphing and controlling long drifts in all water types. Larger wind resistant dry flies and streamers are a joy to cast and fish with the 5/6 Switch rod. This rod has spey ability when lined properly and is great in lakes with sink lines for large trout.

Swinging flies and nymphing for trophy trout. This is an excellent rod for casting hoppers and other large dry fly imitations. Great rod for lake fishing from a tube and using light sink tip lines.


Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir 300 for 5/6 Switch.
Skagit Style: Beulah Tonic 325 for 5/6 Switch.
Overhead Line: 7wt or 8wt SA Steelhead taper or Rio Atlantic Salmon Taper
SWITCH ROD SERIES 10’6″ 5/6wt. 4 PIECE 6.2 oz.
Comes with sock, tube, Lifetime warranty for original owner ( see warranty conditions).