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Beulah 10’6″ 4/5wt. 4 Piece

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Finally a trout two hander that is light enough to make two hand casting for trout as fun as using a 4wt or 5wt single hand rod. The versatility of the Switch rod allows you to cover a greater area of water with a larger vocabulary of technique. The 4/5 Switch rod will dead drift dry flies and nymphs with ease of control and extend floats and mending ability. Stillwater fisherman will enjoy the extra rod length when sitting level on the water in a float tube or pontoon craft.

Swing wet flies and soft hackle, or skate a dry fly with this light two Ativan hand rod and feel the tug often reserved for steelheading. The 4/5 Switch rods extended length will open up an otherwise claustrophobic casting situations with the ability to spey and roll cast with the delicate touch needed for shy trout.

Nymphing or Swinging flies for trout 8″-18″ either wading or from a boat. Excels for lake fishing from pontoon or float tubes.

Medium Fast


Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir 250 for 4/5 Switch.

Overhead Lines: 6wt or 7wt SA steelhead taper or Rio Atlantic salmon taper.

SWITCH ROD SERIES 10’6″ 4/5wt. 4 PIECE 5.4 oz.
Comes with sock, Cordura tube, lifetime warranty for original owner (see warranty conditions)