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Travis Johnson

Travis’s wholistic approach to spey casting instruction includes all styles and techniques of spey and distills them into an easily understood and practical method. This simplistic and straight forward style has a place for all levels of casters and anglers, and has produced multiple world records and world championships.

Steve Santagati

Steve Santagati is the NY Times best selling author of “The MANual…A True Bad Boy Explains…” and “Code Of Honor…The Ten Commandments of Bad Boys and Bad Girls” [Men’s and Women’s Editions], writer of Mario Lopez’s “Just Between Us” [Sept 2014], a 25-year seasoned TV personality, and president of Bad Boys Finish First Inc.® – »

Darrel DeLeon

Darrel DeLeon is a Montana native and full time fly-fishing guide on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana.  After a very successful military career spanning 26 years, Darrel followed his dream.  He traded his uniform for a pair of waders and an office with a view.  His office is now a chartreuse green Adipose drift »

Jason Atkinson

Jason A. Atkinson is a public servant, filmmaker, author, consultant and passionate outdoorsman. For over 14 years, Atkinson served in the Oregon Legislature, 12 years in the Senate and was a candidate for Governor. He took a sabbatical from public life to make the film A River Between Us, a documentary of the largest conservation »

Bernie Weston

Bernie Weston began his love of fly fishing at age 10 or so when his father gave him an adult fly tying kit from Herter’s; a Fenwick rod and a Pfleuger Medalist. His interested continued to deepen over time and he began building rods and catching panfish on his rods and flies. As an adult, »

Ken Jones

  Captain Ken is a native Texan and has been fly fishing for over 20 years pursuing many variety of species everywhere he travels and with no end in sight, things just keep getting better as new techniques and tricks are developed and evolve with more experience. As a native Texan, Capt Ken worked as »

Mark Martin

Mark guides float fishing trips for westslope cutthroat, rainbows, and bull trout on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho.   Picture 6 days and 100 miles of gin-clear water, towering granite canyon walls, class 3-4 whitewater, and 30-fish days on big buggy dry flies and you’ll be close enough.  (Details at  When »

Nick Rowell

Nick Rowell is the owner and operator of Anadromous Anglers. A guide service out of Portland, Oregon, specializing in steelhead fly fishing with two handed rods on the rivers of Northern Oregon. Nick was born and raised in Dallas, Oregon just a short drive from the steelhead rivers of the coast. This is where he »

Brad Bohen

  Brad Is the owner-operator of Musky Country Outfitters and Primo Tail Predator Brand Flies & Feathers. He is the premier guide in the United States for hunting large musky on the fly, and holds the Official Freshwater Hall of Fame Catch and Release Musky World Record for a musky that measured 51.25 inches, caught »

Eric Ishiwata

  Eric Ishiwata began developing his water—and wanderlust not as a flyfisher—but as a surfer first. Immersed in the line-up, amid the sharks, Ish learned firsthand what it meant to be viewed as prey to salivating predators. He’s since translated that know-how into a standout fly-tying repertoire. Flies such as Grand Master Flash, OG Cray, »

James Shaughnessy

James Shaughnessy is the owner and operator of Fly Fish Mex.  His longtime love for the fishing found in the Sea of Cortez was born many years ago.  With the virtually untouched area of Baja that he guides the fish are still eager to play the game. Here is an example of  some of the »

Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’Donnell was born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. Just “over the hill” from the winter steelhead rivers of the north Oregon coast, Chris learned to fish at a young age. Chris’ family has been rafting and fly fishing the Lower Deschutes River since the 1980’s. Chris landed his first guiding job at age 18, »

Jeff Iadonisi

Cape Guides is a Fly fishing Guide Service was created by Capt. Jeff Iadonisi out of a passion for the fish that swim in his local waters.  Jeff, a cape cod native has always been drawn to the ocean and would like to share some of favorite fishing experiences with you. North Side of Cape »

Loren Elliott

Guiding Philosophy For me, fly fishing began as a way to connect to the outdoors. After beginning my own guide business, it evolved into a way to connect with others on the water. Through teaching, I have had the good fortune of getting to know a diverse array of fly fishers from all over the »

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