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The Latest Catch

Carl’s Cutthroat

By Mark Martin

February 01, 2017

In September, I met Carl and his girlfriend Fredi at the Middle Fork River Expeditions boathouse in Stanley, ID.  They were on the happy side of a 24-hour travel day from his home in Florida.  I gave them an abbreviated introduction to the 6-day float beginning in the morning, and we parted ways for the »

The End of the Drought, or Steelhead in Idaho

By Mark Martin

October 18, 2016

It’d been two years since I landed a steelhead.  I know that for a guy who writes a blog partially about fishing for steelhead and lives well within the range of anadromous fish in the Northwest, that seems kind of rugged.  Believe me, for a solid while it was just as rugged as it would seem.  »

Humble in the Jungle

By Steve Santagati

August 02, 2016

My summer months are primarily spent going after striped bass in Maine. I’m unemployed  which means I fish every day. And when you fish every day you will inevitably have sessions when you don’t catch anything. I’m transparent with this fact even when the fat tourist barks out the hackneyed expression: “Catch anything?” Not catching anything teaches »

A Summer Flashback, Episode 2.

By Mark Martin

April 28, 2016

John and his wife came to the Middle Fork Salmon from Brooklyn.  He was a writer, she was a nurse.  While six days of roughish camping and float dry-fly fishing may not have been squarely in their comfort zones, we were comfortable with each other.  I think there’s an effect whereby having very little in »

Spring’s swings.

By Mark Martin

April 22, 2016

Today, friends, I give you trout porn.  Not much other than trout porn. I’ve gotten blanked more than I’d like to admit, and had a couple spectacular days as well. It’s a delicate time of year where I fish:  some rainbows are starting to dig redds and get their groove on, while others are tanked »

Winter swinging

By Eric Ishiwata

February 16, 2016

I’m a lightweight.  I hate the cold.  Unfortunately, winter is the best time to do one of my favorite things in life…swinging two-handers for trout. Beulah Onyx 12’4″ 5wt + Tonic 400 + Pro Tube streamers.   An example of when NOT to use your camera’s macro function…bummer.  

a Quick One.

By Mark Martin

January 20, 2016

Date: The other day. Time:  Mid-afternoon. Weather:  Sloppy snowstorm. My Mood:  Rather poor. Final Decision:  What the hell. Rod:  Beulah 9’9” Platinum 7wt. Line:  Hand chopped 270 gr. franken-skagit.  9 feet of T6. Fly:  Olive/black Gartside Soft Hackle. The technique:  Letting the fly dangle idly (hopelessly, almost) while thrashing my left arm to warm up »

A Summer Flashback, episode 1.

By Mark Martin

January 16, 2016

Spend a couple hours on washboard roads, gritting your teeth, and listening to parts of your truck gradually loosen and begin to rattle…. Find the river.  Turn, drive upstream.  Find the right pullout where the little valley spills in from the other side…. Pull over there.  Jump out.  Let the dogs jump out and sniff »

Tough fish in a Tough Season

By Mark Martin

December 12, 2015

Friends, it was a tough fall.  Wait, let me back up.  It was a tough summer.  Remember the high water temperatures?  The endless 95-degree days and all that nonsense?  Yeah, it was a while ago, and it’s full-on winter now.  So…Never mind about that. As I was saying, a tough fall. Not many steelhead swam »

Seeing Spots before my eyes

By Steve Santagati

December 03, 2015

Place: Hunter Island South Carolina a.k.a “The Dirty South” 😉 December. Fishing had been horrible even for the “live baiters” and guys with boats [ no boat for me and no $ for a guide right now so I was from-shore fishing only]. Having been eaten alive by mosquitos on long hikes to places with no fish »

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