Beulah Technology


Design: Beulah Fly Rods are designed and tested by fly fishing pros.
Before they hit the market, each new series of rods and more specifically, each rod in a new series is tested rigorously in every
condition that it may encounter by guides, industry pros, and most importantly potential owners. We design each rod with a
certain idea behind it, fish it, manipulate it’s flex pattern, fish it, soften/stiffen a certain section, and then fish it again. We
repeat this process until we are happy with how the rod performs. We execute this process with every rod to ensure that it will
meet the criteria of hard core guides as well as neophyte anglers.

Blanks: High quality blanks means high quality rods.
Classic Series, Blue Water, and Surf Rods blanks are made using high modulus (52 million) IM-8 graphite in a bias-ply
construction. These blanks have great hoop strength, fast recovery, and spot-on flex patterns tailored to each line weight.

Platinum Series Rod blanks are designed around new mandrels and are manufactured using a Carbon scrim process with
lower (28%) resin count. Using a high pressure rolling technique we have created better overall blank consistency. These
blanks are some of the lightest in the industry. They have super fast tip recovery, and traditional deep flexing flex patterns
that were designed around the intended use of each line weight.

Grips and Reel Seats: Custom inlayed grips and high quality reel seats give our rods a unique look.
At Beulah we use high quality, hand selected materials for our grips and reel seats. We use nickel silver reel seats and hardwood
inserts on both the Guide and Platinum Single Handed Series rods in weights 3-5. Guide Series rods in 6-8 weights and
Platinum Single Handed rods in 6 and 7 weights, as well as Classic and Platinum Series Switch and Spey rods and Surf, Blue
Water rods, come equipped with super strong, salt-safe anodized aluminum reel seats. Beulah is proud to manufacture grips
with custom inlays on our factory produced rods. All grips are built ring by ring on the blank to ensure beauty and longevity.
We set ourselves apart from other manufacturers in quality fit and finish.

Ferrules: Great fitting ferrules mean stronger built rods.
We use a sleeve-over exploded ferrule system. Exploded ferrules are the best way to achieve spot-on fit and strength without
inhibiting the flex pattern. This gives us the ability to create mutli-piece rods that are light weight, durable and perform
among the industries finest.

Thread Wrappings: The artistic touch stands Beulah Fly Rods apart from other brands.
Rod wrappings not only hold guides on but they add a touch of color, style, and class to the rod. We have gone as far as to
incorporate up to four different thread colors to keep our rods’ aesthetics on top of the podium.

Beulah Fly Fishing Rods - Made in the USA